You have taken the sensible step in AI tool freedom!
Rapidly create complex A.I. behavior trees all within PlayMaker.

Beginner PlayMaker User? You will love the way this framework lets you hit the ground running, both in creating A.I. through simple drag and drop, and in quickly learning advanced PlayMaker techniques. Over 50 variables per bot are available for customization and many users should be able to add fun, challenging characters without ever touching a single line of code, or modifying State Machine logic. TONS of example scenes are also included, in addition to sample C# scripts on optional code integration.

Advanced PlayMaker User? You will love this framework for its rapid development focus, modular approach, expansion capabilities, and smooth integration into existing PlayMaker projects. The framework’s core logic resides within FSMs, so that you can create, edit, debug, and integrate A.I. with advanced PlayMaker logic using the same editor and UI. This saves your time and helps you bring your game to market faster.

PlayMaker is a great tool that can save you ample development time. Now, we’re going to save you even more with our A.I. framework.

While there are additional add-ons on our website you can download for free or purchase, they are not required to create awesome A.I. This system ships with out-of-box core AI functionality ready to go.

So sit back. Relax. And read this manual thoroughly to learn what this A.I. framework can do for you!