Tutorial #13: Sniper (Hitscan)

We made sniper mode very easy for you to set up. In fact, it is so easy that all you have to do is switch one FSM variable from FALSE to TRUE and any bullet the bot fires will become a sniper bullet!

In the ATTACK FSM, set the following to True.  It will turn any bullet it fires into instant damage using several raycast calculations.  The actual hitscan calculations are done in the bullet itself — every bullet prefab comes with the ability to become a sniper bullet.  When you set the bot’s “charSTAT_BulletUseRaycast” to true, this is actually passed on to the bullet – the bot doesn’t actually do anything with this.  This greatly simplifies things for you, the developer (and a ton of hard work for us 😉   )




See both the sniper demo scene and the Weapon Switching scene on how to do this.